Professional Course DEPOSIT ONLY

Professional Course DEPOSIT ONLY

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Professional Course DEPOSIT ONLY More Details



Module 1

48 hours (2 days a week over 4 weeks)

Saturdays and Sundays 8am to 3pm (lunch provided)

Course dates to be confirmed when all students have enrolled. Space is limited due to social distancing requirements. A $250 refundable* deposit is required to reserve your place.

Discover your creative flair and learn a variety of skills to take your baking and decorating to the next level.


Are there specific requirements for joining?

This course is suited to complete beginners and those wishing to improve their baking and sugar craft skills.


Course Aims

Learn the skills needed to professionally cover and embellish wedding and celebration cakes using different techniques of royal icing, fondant, sugar florist paste and sugar lace. Skills you will learn include:

  • Baking success principles including weighing, measuring, scaling and converting recipes
  • How to bake, level, torte, dam, fill and cover a sponge cake
  • Covering ‘Dummy’ (Styrofoam Tiers) cakes with fondant (for display and portfolio use)
  • Using roll out and panelling methods for covering regular and double barrel cakes to obtain sharp edges and cover with fondant
  • Creating Cake Lace from scratch, using commercial mixes and alternative methods
  • Dowling, stacking and packaging for successful transportation
  • Creating and decorating Cupcakes, Mini Cakes, Sphere Cakes, Cake Truffles, French Macarons, Italian Meringue Cookies and Sugar Cookies to compliment your celebration cakes
  • Royal Icing techniques including embellishing with piping work, brush embroidery & gilding;
  • Pulling design elements together successfully including dusting, painting and coloring
  • Staging photographs for your portfolio (including use of our backdrops, props and lighting to produce professional images for all your course projects)
  • Marketing, advertising and finding the right clients
  • Costing, pricing and profitability- how to get paid what you deserve!
  • Setting up for success- contracts, deposits, insurance, licenses, etc..,


As part of this course, we are offering each student the opportunity to take the Food Manager’s License course free of charge. This will be taught at a later date and the exam taken separately from the Professional Cake Decorator’s Course.


Students will be supplied with the Professional Tool Kit (see full list below) which will be theirs to keep at the end of the course.

*If there are not enough students for a scheduled module, your deposit will be refunded in full or you can choose to carry it over to the next scheduled course.


Professional Tool Kit (included in course fee)

Stainless Steel Bench/Side Scraper

14” Cake Knife

Cake Tester

13 piece Modelling Tool Kit

-Bone Tool

-Shell & Blade Tool

-Ball Tool

-Scallop & Comb Tool

-Serrated & Tapered Cone Tool

-Tapered Cones 5/6 Star Tool

-Bulbous Cone Tool

-Flower/Leaf Shaper Tool

-Cutting Wheels

-3 Piece Design Wheeler

-Quilting Tool

-Scriber Needle

Blade Knife

Wire Cutter

Needle Nose Pliers

Non-stick Rolling Out/Veining Board

Piping Tip No. 2 Writer

Cake Smoother

White & Blue Flower Forming Pads (2)

Stainless Steel Shaker

9” Offset Palette Knife

Tall Side Scraper

No. 12 Veiner/Friller Scallop Tool

No. 4 Dresden & Veining Tool

Crafts 21 Piece Clay Extruder

9” Silicone Rolling Pin

20” Silicone Rolling Pin

Craft Brush Set

Sugar Florist Paste

Academy of Baking apron

and pen/pencil

document sleeves and binder

Recipes, ingredients, packaging and materials required for class projects.

e.g. Cake Dummies, floral wires, piping bags, cake boards, cake boxes

there be additional costs?

many students already own some of the basic tools required, we will discuss any additional items we’d recommend in addition to the Professional Cake Decorator’s tool kit during the first week.

10% discount is provided for any additional tools, cutters, equipment that you may wish to purchase on the course.

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