Homeschool Group  Field Trip (4 hours)

Homeschool Group Field Trip (4 hours)

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Minimum of 7 participants. Suitable for ages 8+ with chaparons.
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Homeschool Group Field Trip (4 hours) More Details

Sample Itinerary Below 
Please email to discuss dates, alternative itinerary options. Please note: for insurance reasons, one responsible adult for every 4 children (8-17 years old) is required to remain on premises. We encourage parents to participate with their children. 
Science, Math and Senses (Includes Lunch)
Cinder Toffee (Honeycomb)-45 minutes- 1 hour  (30 minutes preparation and 15-30 minutes chocolate dipping time)
This involves the use of an induction burner and boiling hot sugar, so, depending on the age group (8-13 I would do it as a demonstration and explain the science to them) 14+ or younger children with a responsible adult can attempt to make their own if they choose. Once the toffee has cooled, we'll break it up and dip the pieces in chocolate to bring home. 
Ice Cream (in a bag) 30-45 minutes plus eating time…we’ll do this after the cinder toffee to give it a chance to cool down. 
And if they haven’t had enough sugar, we can also make…
Fizzing Lemonade  20-30 minutes
Lemons, bubbles, sugar- what else could you want in a fun, educational activity?
Pizza/Focaccia I demonstrate making the dough in the morning, allow it to rise 2 hours while doing some of the other experiments and then the students get to top their own pizzas.
Skills learned/demonstrated:
Scientific Method 

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